Marion Mari-Bouzid

The Power of Tolerance Publication date : May 6, 2015

Marion Mari-Bouzid is a clinical psychologist, specialising in cognitive behavioural therapy, and a trainer in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. A former French boxing and savate-French kickboxing competitor, she also specialises in mental training for combat sports.

Developing a tolerant attitude not only helps to restore a harmonious relationship with our social environment it can also improve our personal serenity.
Tolerance is one of the positive values that can help us face confrontational situations. Science has shown that developing positive attitudes, such as tolerance, allows us to preserve physical and psychic health. But how can we create more understanding, more tolerance and more harmony in our relations with others? The positive psychology described here explains how.
It has now been scientifically demonstrated that tolerance is necessary for our equilibrium. All we need to do is cultivate tolerance — and this book shows why and how.

• Enhancing such aspects of positive psychology as tolerance can help us overcome our contemporary malaise.
• A philosophical, psychological and even spiritual approach that is much broader in scope than a simple practical method.
• Descriptions of specific situations to help us understand why being tolerant is so important.