Martine Lani-Bayle

The Power of Weakness Preface by Boris Cyrulnik Publication date : November 2, 2022

Martine Lani-Bayle is a clinical psychologist who has worked in a Child Welfare and Psychiatry department for twenty years. She is also involved in university research and taught Education Sciences at the University of Nantes.

Resilience has become a trendy term. Today, anything can be resilient: a military operation – “Operation Resilience” – or a law – “Climate and Resilience”. The widespread use of the word, although well-intentioned, has trivialised and even altered its meaning. It is therefore important to go back to the origins of resilience, to try and understand what it truly means. Martine Lani-Baye embarks the reader on a lively and illustrated investigation, drawing on other fields than human psychology, to understand what factors contribute to resilience.
Materials science, life sciences, animal and plant science, and environmental science can teach us a lot.
Through original and varied examples, this book shows that resilience is not a mechanical process which can be defined by basic conditions. It is multifactorial. This fascinating new approach, which calls on a wide variety of references, invites readers to better understand resilience and helps define the qualities necessary to this form of psychological survival.