Flavia Mannocci

The powers of curiosity Publication date : May 31, 2017

 One of the positive values that help us to live, and a fundamental one, is curiosity. This passion for discovery, and for the pleasure that stems from it, is manifested very early in the small child when he begins to explore his environment. A driving force in toddlers and small children, what do we as adults do with this precious ability to remain open to the world and to be interested in those around us?
Curiosity is one of the most powerful drivers of intellectual action — when questioning, researching, investigating — as it is of action: when we move, when we will discover ...
What is the origin of curiosity? Is it innate or acquired? What does it spring from? What is it for? What favours curiosity — or, conversely, what stifles it? How can it be developed?
In an interactive text, the author invites the reader to test his curiosity and explore its effect on mental well-being, in children as well as in adults. Another way to understand the functioning of our brain and stay curious.