Louis Crocq

Psychological Trauma: Sixteen Lessons Publication date : August 22, 2012

Louis Crocq is an associate honorary professor at René-Descartes-Paris-V University and a psychiatrist for the health services of the French armed forces. He has written many authoritative works, particularly on traumatic neuroses and on post-traumatic stress (Les Traumatismes psychiques de guerre, Odile Jacob, 1999). In 1995, at government request, he created France’s network of medical-psychological emergency units for the victims of terrorist attacks, accidents and natural catastrophes.
What is trauma? Can trauma be identified in the aftermath of the event that produced it? Are there signs to watch out for in the weeks and months following the event? How is trauma manifested in children? What impact can it have on memory and sleep? Is the trauma victim’s personality permanently transformed? What are the techniques that can enable victims overcome trauma, from early ‘defusing’ interventions to long-term therapies? At what point should rescue teams make use of these techniques?
In a clear, precise and accessible style, Louis Crocq describes the phenomenon of trauma, demonstrating that it cannot be reduced to a simple state of stress — no matter how violent. He reveals the stages of trauma and associates them to the various forms of intervention, whether emergency or long-term.
Illustrated with numerous clinical case studies, the sixteen lessons provided here are the result of fifty years’ professional experience and reflection by one of the most respected experts in trauma studies.

• The essential book for trauma victims, their families and friends, as well as for professionals who work with victims.