Robert Dantzer

The Psychosomatic Illusion Publication date : June 1, 2001

“What sort of power does the mind have over the body that it is capable both of facilitating the healing process and of provoking illness?
“Who has never wished to become ill so as to get out of something unpleasant? On the other hand, how many of us have succeeded in overcoming an illness through an act of the will?
“Could psychosomatic disorders be an illusion? Must we, after accumulating a series of deceptions, admit that the concept could be outdated? All the latest research, which I have attempted to review here, indicates that each human being is a whole and should be regarded as such,” writes Robert Dantzer.

Robert Dantzer, a research director at INRA, heads the research group on stress and the physio-pathology on adaptation at INSERM, Bordeaux, France. He is one of the top specialists working on the scientific study of the emotions.