Christine Mirabel-Sarron

Rebuilding Oneself After a Life-Altering Incident Publication date : September 11, 2020

Christine Mirabel-Sarron is a practicing psychiatrist, clinician at the Sainte-Anne hospital where she is director of the department of behavioral and cognitive therapy. With a Ph.D in pathological and clinical psychology, she teaches at the Paris-V and Paris-VIII universities. She is the author of self-help guides: La Dépression, comment en sortir and Bien gérer son temps.
A life that is shaky, the need to get back on your feet. Yes, but how do you overcome an incident that appears insurmountable? What can you do for yourself?
To understand what is happening to you or a loved one, this self-help guide provides essential help for anyone who has faced an incident during their life: a domestic incident, a car accident, a burglary, an illness, a robbery, an earthquake, a pandemic, the death of someone, and so on. Dr. Mirabel-Sarron brings her experience as a woman who has dealt with a disability and as a psychiatrist, in order to help others. In both those capacities, she shares an approach that any person who has been wounded, either physically and/or psychologically, can use to do something good for him or herself.
The objective? To be happier tomorrow than today and to regain a positive self-image. The approach, illustrated by examples from various clinical subjects, is centered on the treatment of emotional and psychological damage. Also explored are the social and professional impacts, as well as reactions of those around the suffering person. The advice given aims, to redevelop the reader’s emotional well-being and to enable them to set off on the conquest of others and of the world. From emotion, from life, and with validated tools.