Orna Donath

Regretting Being a Mother Being a Mother and Being Oneself Isn’t Easy Publication date : November 20, 2019

Orna Donath has a Ph.D. in sociology; she teaches at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel.
This subject attacks a taboo: women questioned for a survey put into perspective the experience of motherhood, and express their regret at being a mother. They explain that they love their children, but would have preferred not to have had them. A critical look at the happiness at being a mother that of course runs counter to all dominant thinking.

Expecting women to be mothers has endured since the dawn of time. It is not a simple thing to speak critically of the choice, to question the image of the good mother, even today. This book aims to do just that: to question the steering of women to the role of mother, and to explain the reasons for it.

This book offers the salutary drawbacks to the omnipresent, invasive, and sometimes erroneous image of the self-fulfillment inherent in motherhood. By listening to women who analyze the weight of the experience, the complexity of their emotions, their feelings, this book will certainly give rise to discussion.