Fanny Nusbaum

The Secret of High Performers Publication date : January 13, 2021

Fanny Nusbaum has a Ph.D. in psychology, and is a researcher in psychology and neuroscience at the Université Lyon-1. She is the founder and director of the Centre PSYRENE and the Fonds PSYRENE pour l’intelligence. She is the co-author, Olivier Revol and Dominic Sappey-Marinier, of the best-selling Les Philo-cognitifs.
High performers are people for whom nothing is impossible, who succeed at what they undertake while seizing the light and making their mark on their time, who seem to possess something greater, which makes them exceptional. Something that forcefully impels them to act and to live.
When we see them at work, we can’t help being fascinated. Victories, accomplishments, awards, applause, financial success: their results, whether in the world of sports or business, in the realms of science or art, impress by the apparent ease with which they are achieved.
What, then, is the secret of high performers? How can their feats be explained? Do they possess qualities that others don’t? Greater intelligence? More energy? A higher level of awareness? Better emotional control?
What if, quite on the contrary, high performance, far from depending on this or that ability, was in fact a state, just like a meditative or loving state, which some are able to achieve more easily than others, granted, but which in truth is within the grasp of everyone, provided one allows oneself to be open to them?