Philippe Brenot

Sex and Love Publication date : March 4, 2010

How can couples reconcile love, tenderness, affection and sexuality? How to fulfil each partner's wishes, while assuring mutual respect? How to reconcile fantasy life and real life with a partner? What can be done so that the male partner's wishes are compatible with his female partner's desires? And what can be done so that their desires remain compatible?

• This book aims to eliminate guilt feelings related to some simple intimate acts.

• Adult sexual education.

Philippe Brenot, a psychiatrist, couple therapist and sexologist, directs sexology courses at Victor-Ségalen-Bordeaux-II University and at the University of Paris-V.

He the author of Le Sexe, l'Homme et l'Evolution (with Pascal Picq, 2009), Les Violences ordinaires des hommes envers les femmes (2008), Le Génie de la Folie (2007), Le Journal d'Arthur et Chloé (2004), Inventer le couple (2001) and Relaxation et sexualité (1998).