Nathalie Zajde

The Shoah and the Healing Process Publication date : November 7, 2005

This year the world commemorated the sixtieth anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps. But for the survivors of the death camps, liberation did not put an end to suffering. Surviving the horrors they had lived through, surviving when so many did not: these were new, cruel and painful trials not only for them but also for their descendants.
Nathalie Zajde is an internationally recognised specialist in the treatment of trauma survivors and their descendants.
In this book, inspired by Tobie Nathan’s ethno-psychiatric methods, she draws on her own rich and varied clinical experience to show how survivors and their descendants can heal from the horror — without forgetting it — in order to free themselves from their torturers.
Nathalie Zajde, a psychologist, is a senior lecturer at the University of Paris-VIII and the author of Enfants de survivants (1995) and the co-author (with Tobie Nathan et al.) of Psychothérapies (1998).