Willy Pasini

The Strength of Desire Translated from the Italian by Jacqueline Henry. Publication date : February 1, 1999

Progress now being made in the neorosciences may soon enable scientists to better define human erogenous zones and to understand the workings of love-making. But will this guarantee that everyone will have access to desire and pleasure? Will the various forms of virtual or long-distance eroticism continue to develop, at the expense of closeness and intimacy? What is the future of sexuality, in the couple and society? Professor Willy Pasini explores the universe of desire, as we know it today and as it may develop. He tells readers how they can fight against diminishing desire and how to eliminate certain problem. He addresses such issues as the absence of sexual desire between couples engendered by the difficulties of daily life, complications which are sometimes incorrectly attributed to sexuality, and the growing business of eroticism. Pasini gives a series of simple, basic rules that should help couples preserve the magic of desire, without fear of chemical or cybernetic rivals. He draws on many concrete examples from his lengthy experience as a practising psychotherapist.

Willy Pasini is a psychotherapist and professor of psychiatry at the University of Geneva. He is the author of A Quoi Sert le Couple? and Le Temps d’Aimer, published by Editions Odile Jacob.