Patrick Légeron

Stress in the Workplace New Edition Publication date : September 30, 2015

Patrick Légeron is a psychiatrist and a pioneering expert on the subject of job-related stress. He worked at Hôpital Sainte-Anne, in Paris, and later founded Stimulus, a company providing businesses with counselling services on stress in the workplace. He is the author of the highly successful earlier edition of Le Stress au travail. The new edition has been entirely revised and updated. Légeron is the co-author, with Christophe André, of La Peur des autres, published by Editions Odile Jacob.

Fifteen years after the publication of the first edition of Le Stress au travail, what, if anything, has changed? Have businesses, workers and society learned to deal with this sensitive subject?
In France, stress in the workplace has grown to reach epidemic proportions. But stress is now recognised as a serious issue endangering workers’ physical and mental health.
Have any positive changes resulted from the following: the 2002 French law on moral harassment, the formal recognition of burn-out, the 2008 report on the psychosocial risks of stress, and the shock caused by the spate of suicides in French enterprises? What has deteriorated? What has improved? Have any effective strategies been implemented to prevent depression and overwork?
Avoiding the pitfalls of denial and hypocrisy, Patrick Légeron provides a clear overview of stress in the workplace and opens new avenues of reflection and possible solutions.

• The first edition of this book was a huge success.
• Unfortunately, stress in the workplace remains a serious issue.
• This is a completely revised edition, with updated facts and figures.
• A new chapter on changes in management has been added.