Mireille Gayraud-Andel , Marie-Pierre Poulat

Stuttering and How to Overcome It Publication date : September 8, 2011

Marie-Pierre Poulat is a speech therapist and psychotherapist with training in cognitive-behavioural therapies.
Mireille Gayraud-Audel is a speech therapist and psychologist with training in cognitive-behavioural therapies.

Stuttering is a form of behaviour that can be overcome. This practical manual, based on a cognitive–behavioural approach, was conceived to accompany, assist, re-educate, heal and cure anyone who stutters. Shown to be highly successful, the method includes physiological, genetic, environmental and psychological factors.
This book aims to help readers understand stuttering and to give them the necessary keys to overcome the disorder. By providing a positive approach, it offers hope and shows how working to conquer stuttering can act as a means of maintaining — or of recovering — self-esteem.

• This step-by-step method, backed by practical suggestions and numerous tests, shows how stuttering can be overcome.
• An approach based on behavioural psychology.