Nathalie Rapoport-Hubschman

Tame the Mind, Heal the Body Stress Emotions and Health Publication date : September 6, 2012

Nathalie Rapoport-Hubschman is a physician, psychologist and psychotherapist. She was a visiting scholar at the Center for Stress and Health at Stanford University in 2001-03 and at the Institute for Mind Body Medicine at the Massachussets General Hospital in 2009-10. She currently heads the medical psychology department at the Rabin Medical Center, in Israel.

Voltaire the famous French philosopher said half jokingly :I decided to be happy, it is excellent for one's health ".
He was right: Positive emotions and social links are powerful antidotes to stress, optimism and meditation will help preserve your health. In this book drawing on the most recent research you will learn that how you see the world has a profound influence on your health and that the people you live with are more important to you than you can even imagine. You will understand that the mind has a central role to play in how healthy you are.
Now that it is clear that most modern chronic diseases can be prevented, it is time to focus on how stress leads to inflammation, time to understand the link between negative emotions, depression and heart disease, pain, diabetes, and some types of cancer. It is time to realize that taking charge of your health starts with knowing your mind.