Aldo Naouri

Three Questions On The Family Publication date : May 24, 2017

Aldo Naouri, pediatrician and specialist in intrafamilial relationships, has written numerous works, all with great success in bookshops.
Aldo Naouri's three essential works — Fathers And Mothers, Girls And Their Mothers, Educating Our Children — united in a single volume.

• Fathers And Mothers 
“Fathers and mothers are now under the spotlight. Though they are blamed for everything that goes wrong — when they are not blaming themselves — they try to do their job of parenting as best they can. They have no other choice, anyway, as they are aware that the new generation expects them to be held to account. Believing that they can absolve themselves of their feelings of guilt, they have put themselves totally at the service of their children.”
• Mothers and Girls 
“Most of what I leaned about them, as well as about myself, I learned by observing the myriad things they do. Through interviewing them I succeeded in asking myself about their behaviour and what they had in common. It is they who, in confiding, have led me to reach the very foundations of their condition ".
• Educating Children 
When our children go off the rails, we must ask ourselves tough questions. Social conditions do not explain everything. And love is not enough! And what if the cause of evil lay in a lack of thinking about what the education of our children should be? Indeed, life in society demands that each person obey certain rules and make them his own. This is the principle of all education. It has been singularly dismissed. 
But first of all, you have to know what a child is, what it really takes to become an adult, how to behave with him or her as a parent. And especially how, from those first decisive years, how best to carry out the difficult job as a parent. To question oneself on the meaning of one’s educational mission and the true needs of the child.