Gisèle Gelbert

To Read or Not To Read: The Struggle Seminar II Publication date : May 25, 2005

Before language-related disorders can be treated, it is essential to make a correct diagnosis to identify the problem and to distinguish between the different forms of aphasia, dyslexia and dysorthography. The cases examined here concern children over the age of nine with whom traditional methods have failed, as well as adults who cannot understand what they read.
Throughout this book, Gisèle Gelbert reveals the mysteries of how language functions in the brain. Citing numerous examples, she shows how educational therapy can successfully put the “correct brain circuits” in motion.
Besides providing a clear explanation of various language disorders, the author also gives us a detailed step-by-step description of educational therapy.

Gisèle Gelbert is a neurologist specialising in aphasia. She is the author of Lire, c’est vivre: Séminaire I; Lire, c’est aussi écrire and Un alphabet dans la tête, published by Editions Odile Jacob.