Élisa Brune

Too Bad – I’m Going For It 50 Stories to Grab onto Life Publication date : May 2, 2018

Élisa Brune is a novelist, essayist, and scientific journalist. The author of books such as Le Secret des femmes, co-authored with Yves Ferroul, La Révolution du plaisir féminin, or Le Salon des confidences, La bo Sexo – Bonnes nouvelles du plaisir féminin, all of which were best-sellers.
We are locked up in our daily lives, our certainties, obsessed by everything that is dysfunctional, whereas we need only dare to invite into our life the unexpected to rediscover the movement which each human being needs to live fully. A bit more awareness. This collection of short essays gives us back what we had when we arrived here on earth: fresh thinking. Some fifty breaths of fresh air tucked away in life stories, all of which advocate an art of opening: to oneself, to others, to possibilities.

The couple, women, friends, the power of art to surprise us, sex, pleasure, the place of chance in our lives, science, destiny, in all these realms, let’s be the authors of our lives! Let’s be creative! With this book, Élisa Brune returns a bit of lightness to our heads, gives us the impulse necessary to return to the essential, the freedom to be oneself.