Élie Hantouche, Vincent Trybou

Treating Your Cyclothymia Seven Keys of Self-Mastery Publication date : March 26, 2009

Elie Hantouche is a psychiatrist and an internationally renowned expert on bipolar disorders. He is the secretary of the European Bipolar Forum, the founder of the Centre for Anxiety and Mood Disorders, and the author of Troubles bipolaires, obsessions et compulsions. Les reconnaître et les soigner (2006).
Vincent Trybou is a clinical psychologist specialising in disorders of the bipolar spectrum and in obsessive-compulsive disorders. He leads psycho-education groups for patients suffering from cyclothymia.

The mood and energy swings that we all experience can be signs of an actual disorder — cyclothymia, a form of bipolar disorder.
If you suffer from cyclothymia, it should be diagnosed. Do you sometimes feel full of energy, and then inexplicably tired? Do you sway from feeling overenthusiastic to totally disinterested, from being convinced you are brilliant to complete lack of self-confidence?
Cyclothymia is destabilising and it can disrupt your life, leading to failures, isolation, conflicts, divorces, a chaotic affective and professional life, depression, anxiety, and obsessions.
In this book, the authors show the six keys to overcoming cyclothymia, so that you can find stability, take control of your life, and lead a better, happier life.

This sensible, useful guidebook is illustrated with numerous examples; it includes self-evaluation tests, practical information, and exercises for daily use. The programme described here was devised by two experts, who both specialise in mood disorders.
Cyclothymia is more common than is generally believed, and it is the unknown but real cause of many psychological disorders and problems: recurring depressions, obsessive-compulsive disorders, panic attacks, anorexia, bulimia, borderline personality disorders, social anxiety, attention deficit disorders, bizarre or impulsive behaviour, apparent obsessions, alcoholism, and substance abuse.