Willy Pasini

Unfaithful Loves Publication date : September 30, 2010

A psychiatrist, sexologist and psychotherapist, Willy Pasini is the author of more than fifteen acclaimed, highly successful books such as À quoi sert le couple? (1996), La Force du désir (1999) and, more recently, L’Intimité retrouvée (2009).

Why do we cheat on the person we love — while continuing to love him or her? What does adultery really hide?
Does adultery spring from a banal wish to escape, to get away from the daily routine of life with the same partner? Or could it result from a certain type of relationship with the opposite sex, with one’s mother and with women in general?
Why are the wounds of love often so painful and so slow to heal? Can one be cured of infidelity — and is a cure really necessary?

• A great specialist on intimacy examines the question: What are we really looking for in adultery?

• “An undeniable gift for communicating with the general public.” Psychothérapies