Patrice Huerre, François Robine

What Our Living Spaces Say about Us Publication date : October 25, 2017

Patrice Huerre is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and psychoanalyst, former head of the department of psychiatry and vice president of the Maison de l’adolescent des Hauts-de-Seine sud. For more than thirty years he has been a specialist in preventative actions and care for adolescents. He is the author of many books for the general reader.

François Robine is a recognized veteran real estate professional, an expert with the Court of Appeals in Paris for 35 years, then an honorary member, he has gradually become an explorer of the contents of property.

The Book
Human beings’ relationships with their living spaces, with their “interiors,” evolve depending on the conditions of their existence, and thus change over time. For new generations, the relationship takes on new forms, in an apparent rupture with earlier ones. What do these “interiors” tell us? A new balance between interior and exterior, between the intimate and the public seems to be coming into existence. “Show me your computer and I will tell you who you are…” seems to have replaced “tell me where you live and I will tell you who you are.”

Looking at interiors as they were valued in the past, as they exist among our contemporaries, and as they appear for the new generation, clarifies the profound and rapid changes that are marking our age. Are adolescents and young adults through their choices describing the contours of a new world? Are their interiors a reflection of such change?

An original approach to the evolution of our society and of young adults in particular from the perspective of housing.