Willy Pasini

What use do couples serve ? Translated from the Italian by Anne-Lise Quendolo. Publication date : September 1, 1996

What use do couples serve? How can a solid couple be distinguished from a fragile one? Is 'living together' preferable to marriage? How can a healthy balance be maintained between intimacy and autonomy? How can passion be made to last? How can couples argue without tearing each other apart? How can they share power and manage their finances? Can shaky bonds be salvaged? When should a therapist be consulted and how can the most suitable therapy for a specific case be chosen? At a time when the couple as a unit is undergoing a severe crisis, this book, based on numerous concrete examples, will help readers to better understand the mysterious territory of male-female relationships. It demonstrates that if every love story carries with it a risk, happiness within the couple is nevertheless possible.

'Finally, the book that was a triumphant best-seller in Italy is in French bookshops.' Le Figaro

'[Pasini] undoubtedly has the gift of addressing the general reader in a satisfying ' even fascinating 'manner, and thus of contributing to the circulation of the ideas of medical psychology.'

'THE book of the season.'
France Dimanche

Willy Pasini is the founder of the European Federation of Sexology. He teaches psychiatry and medical psychology at the University of Geneva. He is the author of Le Temps d'Aimer and La Force du Désir, both published by Editions Odile Jacob.