Fatma Bouvet de la Maisonneuve

Women's choice Publication date : March 3, 2011

Fatma Bouvet de la Maisonneuve is a physician-psychiatrist and runs a consultancy for women with alcohol-related problems at Hôpital Sainte-Anne, in Paris. She is the author of Les Femmes face à l’alcool. Résister et s’en sortir.

A woman physician-psychiatrist appraises the condition of women in today’s society.

For many women combining work and pregnancy, finding job fulfilment and acceding to positions of power are major struggles and the sources of deep psychic suffering.
Drawing on a number of cases that are representative of the difficulties women encounter in the workplace, Fatma Bouvet examines the extent to which women’s issues are — or are not — taken into account.

At what point does a social situation become a cause of depression, psychological disorders, burnout and addictive behaviour? How should we interpret such symptoms, which are frequent among women? Could these symptoms be the mark of a society that still fails to take women’s issues seriously? What to do to feel better? What actions to take? How to recover self-esteem?

A book offering specific suggestions to help women develop self-esteem and to improve their status in the workplace.