Nayla Chidiac

Writing Workshops The Benefit of Writing, the Benefits of Words Publication date : February 9, 2022

Nayla Chidiac has a Ph.D. in psychopathology and is a psychologist at the Sainte-Anne hospital in Paris, where she established therapeutic writing workshops. She is the author of Ateliers d’écriture thérapeutique [Therapeutic Writing Workshops] (Elsevier-Masson, 2013), a book for a professional audience, which has become the reference on the subject. She teaches writing and the management of trauma in several national and international universities. EMHS (external mental health specialist) for the UN. Former expert for the High Court of Paris.

Whereas digital tools push us to always do things faster, the act of writing, freely, for oneself, can represent a sort of remedy, a time to return to oneself. It can be a help for understanding certain personal experiences, to empty or to order what one has in one’s head. For taking the time to think, too. Writing to express what one is experiencing is to put at a distance one’s positive or negative emotions. By understanding better what one is feeling, by producing a text, one can rediscover the path to a certain sense of harmony. How does one begin? Nayla Chidiac, a specialist in therapeutic writing, proposes that we discover the benefits of writing through enjoyable practical exercises. Conceived as a writing workshop, this resource book offers exercises based on excerpts from the texts of inspiring writers. Each exercise invites the reader to experiment with a form of writing: letter, journal, fable, tale, haiku… An inspiring book with a practical approach, conceived by a lover of literature, which will respond to the desire of all those who want to write for or improve themselves.