Jeanne Siaud-Facchin

The Gifted Child How to Enjoy Life and Adapt to Adulthood Publication date : January 12, 2012

Jeanne Siaud-Facchin is a clinical psychologist and the author of the highly acclaimed L’Enfant surdoué. She founded the first specialised centres in France (in Marseille, Avignon and Paris) for the diagnosis and treatment of learning difficulties. Her other books include: L’aider à grandir, l’aider à s’en sortir (2002) and L’Enfant en difficulté scolaire (2006).

Being gifted is a great asset. It means being endowed with immense abilities. But it also means being different, having a sense of vulnerability about which little is known. Gifted individuals often have the impression that they are out of step with the rest of the world. Their emotional development, which is often fragile, may leave them feeling so inadequate that they are unable to use their exceptional talents or even to feel at peace with themselves.
These difficulties often surface in adulthood among gifted individuals who have never been identified as such. In order to overcome their feelings of inadequacy and unhappiness they must first discover what caused them — the fact that they are gifted.
What can a gifted person do to lead a successful, happy life?
This book aims to help readers understand the gifted individual, and to determine if they themselves fall into this category. It explains how the gifted can lead happy, fulfilled lives by making full use of their particular talent. And it tells them how to re-examine and readjust their own lives, if they feel the need.
The goal here is not simply to help the gifted feel better. It is also to accompany them, coaching them so they make better use of their intelligence, sensitivity and potential, and ultimately fulfil themselves.

Finally, here is a book about the gifted adult (which also considers adolescence, the crucial moment when life choices are made).
A sequel to the author’s earlier L’Enfant surdoué, this book will interest gifted adults as well as the parents of gifted children who wish to help them grow up to become happy adults.