Bruno Koeltz

How to Stop Putting Things Off Until Tomorrow Publication date : January 24, 2006

Do you keep putting off until tomorrow what you should do today, in other words, would you define yourself as a procrastinator? This apparently harmless form of behaviour may sometimes have serious consequences — delay in dealing with health problems, loss of credit rating, job loss, academic failure, conflicts, divorce — since the most relentless offenders procrastinate beyond the limits that their bodies, bankers, employers and spouses can tolerate.
Did you know that procrastination reveals other aspects of your personality: intolerance of frustration, poor self-esteem, passive-aggressive behaviour? It results in time-wasting, dissatisfaction, stress and conflicts. To some extent, everyone procrastinates. Most forms of personal development and work on relationships involve an examination of this form of behaviour. So stop saying you’ll change tomorrow! This book provides simple, straightforward advice to help you stop procrastinating and take action.
It will also help the partners, families and friends of procrastinators, who are often among the first to suffer.

Bruno Koeltz is a physician and behavioural psychotherapist.