Henri-Jean Aubin, Patrick Dupont, Gilbert Lagrue

How to Stop Smoking Publication date : January 1, 2003

We are all aware that “tobacco seriously damages health”. Yet despite this, many of us continue to fall into the trap and start smoking. And many smokers who try to overcome their dependence fail to do so because quitting involves more than just will-power. This book will enable smokers to understand the mechanisms underlying their tobacco dependence so that they will be able to free themselves of it, without breaking down. Dependence may be physical, but it is also psychological and behavioural. Three eminent specialists have brought together their skills here to offer a real, step-by-step action programme. The tactics to quit smoking that are outlined here have been endorsed by years of research and practice in hospitals.
The following are some of the questions that are examined:
– What type of smoker are you? What is your level of dependence?
– How can you motivate yourself to quit? Evaluate your motivation. Then strengthen it.
– How can you fight against physical dependence? Which are the best patches? What is the best medication?
– How can you fight against psychological dependence? How can you resist the urge to smoke?
– How can you avoid putting on weight?
– How can you keep yourself from lapsing?

Professor Gilbert Lagrue, a specialist in vascular diseases, has worked for more than ten years on the fight against tobacco abuse. He created one of the first centres to help smokers quit the habit. He is the author of Arrêter de fumer?

Dr. Henri-Jean Aubin is a psychiatrist and heads a section in a centre devoted to the treatment of addictions. He has developed cognitive-behavioural programmes to treat substance abuse.

Dr. Patrick Dupont works toward putting a stop to tobacco abuse for the Office Français de Prévention du Tabagisme.