Christine Mirabel-Sarron, Nayla Chidiac

Managing Your Time Well Publication date : January 5, 2012

The author of La Dépression, comment s’en sortir, Christine Mirabel-Sarron is a medical psychiatrist at Hôpital Sainte-Anne, Paris, where she heads the behavioural and cognitive therapy unit. She holds a doctorate in pathological and clinical psychology and teaches at the Universities of Paris-V and VIII.
Nayla Chidiac is a doctor in psychopathology and a psycho-clinician at Hôpital Sainte-Anne.

At some point, everyone has felt stressed, scattered, short of time.
Many people are overwhelmed by time without realising that they can improve how they deal with it. They allow chance to decide how to organise their time — and the result is fatigue, stress and burnout.
But those who learn to control their use of time understand the value of this priceless resource and know how to “stretch” it. We can all learn better time management. The advantages? Time saved; reduced fatigue; greater efficiency; fewer constraints — and therefore better lives!

• Included here are questionnaires and tests to analyse your relation to time, as well as accessible, easy-to-use advice.
• How to quickly recover serenity and wellbeing.