Gisèle George

My Child Is Confrontational Publication date : September 4, 2008

When a child becomes confrontational, the parents often feel confused and do not know how to react. They tire themselves out and have the impression that they are fighting back on all fronts. This practical guidebook will help them understand the underlying psychological causes of their child's behaviour and it shows them how to deal with ordinary confrontational situations: What should you do if your child refuses to go to bed? If she remains glued to the television set instead of doing her homework? If he does not tidy up his room or refuses to set the table? If she answers back?

This book shows parents precisely how to react, according to their child's age and personality.

This is the paperback edition of a book that was highly successful when it was published in Editions Odile Jacob's self-help series (“Guides pour s'aider soi-même”). Offering advice adapted to specific confrontational situations, it will help parents know what attitude to adopt and how to assume their parental role.

Gisèle George is a child psychiatrist specialising in behavioural and cognitive therapies. She has held positions as clinical director and associate in the departments of child and adolescent psychopathologies at Hôpital Bichat and Hôpital Robert Debré, in Paris. She is the author of La Confiance en soi de votre enfant (2008).