Luis Vera

My Child is Sad How to Help a Depressed Child Publication date : January 1, 2001

Childhood is often considered as a favoured period of life, protected from worries and negative thoughts. Most parents have a hard time imagining that their child could be depressed. Scientists were slow to recognise childhood depression — not surprisingly since children rarely express their depression and even try to hide it. Yet childhood depression can be treated, before it becomes a more serious condition in adolescence.
Mon Enfant est Triste is addressed to parents who want to find out whether their child is depressed or if s/he is at risk of becoming depressed. It will help them answers the following questions:
— How can you recognise if your child is depressed?
— How can you help your child in the following cases, among others: the sad child, the child who doesn’t like him/herself, the friendless child, the difficult child?
— How can you help your child change his/her way of thinking?
— Whom should you turn to when you feel you can no longer cope on your own?
This straightforward, warmly reassuring book will help parents understand that there are times depression is the “normal” reaction and that they shouldn’t be overly alarmed; it will show them how to help their child before things get out of hand; it will help them find help when they feel they can no longer cope.

Luis Véra is a psychotherapist at the Hôpital Robert Debré and the Hôpital Sainte Anne, in Paris. He specialises in cognitive and behavioural therapy.