Marie-Claude Dentan

Overcoming the Fear of Flying Publication date : November 8, 2007

Between 20 and 40% of adults are afraid of flying. Some refuse to board an aircraft; others manage to fly, with great trepidation, after swallowing a handful of tranquillisers. Fear of flying hampers many people, and it is a major obstacle in some professions.

This self-help manual explains the numerous causes of fear of flying. It gives each of us the means to make our own diagnoses and to master our anxieties, thanks to a better understanding of aeronautic systems. It shows us how to influence the way our minds work, in order to prevent stress and manage our emotions.

This guide contains a wealth of practical advice, amply illustrated with examples, dialogues and explanatory diagrams.

The basics of aerodynamics are explained in accessible language, so we clearly understand why flying is one of the safest forms of travel. This book is based on the experiences of people who have overcome their fear of flying (the author has treated more than 6,000 cases).

Marie-Claude Dentan, a psychologist and psychotherapist, specialises in stress arising from fear of flying and from extreme situations. She has worked with Air France pilots on human factors at work in accident prevention. In 1993, she created a centre for phobic passengers to help them overcome air-travel-induced stress. She teaches at university and in business schools.