Marc Willard

Preventing and Overcoming Job-related Depression Publication date : January 5, 2012

Marc Willard is a physician psychiatrist specialising in psychosocial risks. He serves as a legal expert to the Court of Appeal of Colmar, France.

Suicide in the workplace has been very much in the news in France, in recent years. Yet suicide is only the tip of the iceberg, the visible part of a larger problem that includes a variety of job-related psychosocial risks, particularly depression, which is currently on the rise.
How to identify job-related depression? What role does the employer play? Are there ways of avoiding depression in a difficult workplace environment?
In a clear accessible manner, illustrated with numerous examples, Doctor Marc Willard examines the specific mechanisms that trigger job-related depression. He describes various strategies to avoid depression, and proposes a preventive framework.

• Psychosocial risks are often evoked but rarely analysed. This book is the first to deal specifically with job-related depression.
• The book includes several questionnaires to help readers identify their risk profile, so they can adopt the appropriate preventive strategies.