Marion Aufseesser

Rebounding How to Turn a Career Change into a Real Break Publication date : August 22, 2012

Marion Aufseeser is a psychologist specialising in career transitions and psychosocial risk management.

A job that no longer suits you, an involuntary career change, unemployment… How can you surmount such situations? What decisions should you make? Which path should you choose? How to get through such turbulent periods and transform an apparent trial into a major opportunity?
This book was conceived as a guide for people undergoing transitional periods in their professional lives. But because the psychological state of the job seeker is so important, he or she must look beyond the technical aspects of the job search: it is crucial to try to understand the ‘inner forces’ that affect the job search and to maintain professional self-confidence.
By following the step-by-step coaching process described here, readers will learn how to make the most of their skills and potential, to assess their progress as well as their failures, bearing in mind that their goal is to turn weaknesses into strengths.

• An effective coaching method to enable job seekers to find work and autonomously manage and assess their professional trajectory. Also included here are a number of practical aids: questionnaires, model CVs, letters.