Dominique Servant

Relaxation and meditation Publication date : October 26, 2007

Physical and mental relaxation can help maintain and improve health and general well-being.

Step by step, this self-help book will teach you how to:

— practise some basic techniques,

— face stressful situations in everyday life,

— live in the present moment and acquire greater control of your negative feelings,

— get rid of long-standing emotions that you believed were firmly anchored in you,

— gradually acquire the art of living that you aspire to, through a process of emotional relaxation and meditation.

Also included here are accessible exercises and practical tips, adapted to today's busy lifestyle.

This is a useful addition to the “Self-Help” book series. The advice given here is safe, easy to follow, and will be widely beneficial. This book gives us the best of relaxation, without the need to follow a dogma, religion or sect. It includes the most recent findings and describes the latest techniques, such as full consciousness, cardiac coherence and biofeedback.

The author, an expert in relaxation, shares the knowledge and skills he has acquired during fifteen years in the field.

Serious, modern, precise, accessible, this work will become indispensable.

Dominique Servant is the author of the popular Soigner le stress et l'anxiété par soi-même (2003) and of L'Enfant et l'adolescent. Les Aider à s'épanouir. A physician, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, he has taught relaxation and cognitive and behavioural therapies at the teaching hospital of the University of Lille, for fifteen years. He is recognised as one of the top specialists on stress and relaxation.