François-Xavier Poudat, Marthylle Lagadec

Sex Out Of Control Overcoming Addiction Publication date : June 7, 2017

François-Xavier Poudat is a psychiatrist and sexologist, specializing in behavioural and cognitive therapies and couple therapy. He teaches sexology at the University of Nantes. He is the author of Enjoying Your Sexuality: Dependence in Love.
Marthylle Lagadec is a clinical psychologist, specialized in the management of behavioural addictions in the addictology department directed by Professor Reynaud at the Paul Brousse Hospital in Villejuif.
"I always need more sex". "I always want something new because I am easily bored". "I always put myself in danger sexually because I like taking risks in everything…" Sexual addiction is a painful and pervasive disorder for both the dependent person and his entourage. How can the way we think about sex be changed when faced with this problem? Proven therapeutic solutions help us to shed the constraints that accompany this addiction.
Based on the approach of cognitive-behavioural therapies, this guide presents all the tools needed to be able to identify, understand and progressively modify the mechanisms of sexual dependency. It enables anyone questioning his sexuality to take charge of his addictive behaviour, independently or in addition to his therapy, from the question "Am I addicted?" to "How to change", not forgetting the unavoidable question of relapses.