Gérard Macqueron, Stéphane Roy

Shyness Preface by Patrick Légeron Publication date : May 18, 2004

Everyone experiences some form of shyness. Who can honestly say that they have never been intimidated? In this book, the authors offer a step-by-step programme to help readers understand their own shyness and learn to overcome it, by identifying and acting on problem situations, emotions, behaviour and thoughts. Numerous tools can serve to make communication easier: knowing how to listen, learning to make conversation, and learning to assert oneself. In addition, there is a section devoted to shyness among children and teenagers.
The method of self-therapy described here has been scientifically tested and shown to be particularly effective in overcoming shyness.

Gérard Macqueron is a psychiatrist at Hôpital Sainte-Anne, in Paris, and at the Clinique du Château, in Garches, near Paris. He is a consultant in career-stress management with Patrick Légeron, at Stimulus.
Stéphane Roy is a psychologist and psychotherapist at the medical-psychiatric centre in Garches.