Roger Zumbrunnen, Éric Malbos

Stop Panicking at the Wheel! New revised and expanded edition Publication date : April 14, 2021

Roger Zumbrunnen is a psychiatrist, specializing in anxiety disorders, and the author of two self-help Guides.
Éric Malbos is a psychiatrist, professor, and researcher in the psychiatry unit of the CHU Conception, APHM (Marseille) and at the Institut Fresnel of the Université Aix-Marseille. For more than fifteen years he has practiced therapy through exposure to virtual reality for psychiatric disorders in a clinical setting and in research.

The fear of driving, or amaxophobia, is thought to be one of the most widespread irrational fears.

It has many forms: panicking while learning to drive; being afraid to drive after a car accident; feeling sick while driving at night; “freaking out” when finding oneself on an unfamiliar road; having the impression of suffocating when stuck in traffic; avoiding tunnels, bridges, highways, large cities…

This book offers a practical method to overcome all these fears. Anti-panic tools enable one to stop anxiety, and to rediscover the self-confidence needed to drive with peace of mind and more safely.

In this new edition: an update on the latest scientific advances and new treatment methods. An entire chapter is devoted to the use of virtual reality to treat the fear of driving. The realistic simulation of computer-generated synthetic environments (highway, tunnel, driving, at night) facilitates a gradual exposure to the driving experience. A therapy of the future particularly well-adapted to treatment of this fear.