Maxim Verbist

Successful Life Management Through Improved Self-Knowledge Publication date : February 26, 2009

Dominant or submissive? Impulsive or controlling? Braggart or shy? Outgoing or introverted? These personality tendencies sometimes act as straitjackets, trapping us in forms of behaviour that are actually opposing facets of the same dynamic. Who we think we are and who we really are can be two very different things, and many lives are ruined by this confusion. A marked tendency to behave in a given manner is a serious curtailment of freedom of action. But how can we evolve? How can we rediscover our true natures? There is no such thing as a good or bad personality, but simply the possibility that by knowing ourselves better we can learn to harmonise the various tendencies that make up our personalities. This means opening ourselves to others if we tend to shut them out, or learning to address our own needs and desires if we are excessively giving.

The author argues that by becoming aware of our weaknesses and by working to overcome them we can achieve greater psychic equilibrium. Understanding our inner workings can help us to overcome what disturbs us and makes us suffer, before our weaknesses become full-blown handicaps.

“Know thyself” in order to manage life successfully — that is what this useful book of applied psychology aims to show.

This is an innovative method to help readers understand and balance their personalities. Explanations of such crucial notions as psychic balance and emotional feelings are illustrated with specific examples and situations.

The book opens with a test to define psychological tendencies, and includes behavioural and physical exercises to help readers work on their goals.

Maxim Verbist is a clinical psychologist and a psychotherapist specialising in cognitive and behavioural therapies. He coordinates therapeutic groups at the day hospital in Namur, Belgium, and he has a practice in Brussels.