Raphaële Miljkovitch, François Poisson

Another Path To Parenting For Mindful and Thoughtful Education Publication date : October 17, 2018

Raphaële Miljkovitch is a psychologist, family therapist, doctor of clinical psychology and psychopathology, and a professor in the universities of Paris. She is an international specialist in interpersonal relationships, in particular those of the couple, or within the family. She is the author of several scientific works and articles on attachment and parenting, and on child development, from infancy to adulthood.

François Poisson is a sociologist, teacher of literature, and former school administrator. He has years of experience with adolescents and their parents. He is co-founder of the Centre de conseil en éducation et scolarité (CCES), and focuses on helping parents and children resolve issues involving school and education.

Even before their child is born, and long afterward, parents are bombarded with theories, advice, and even prohibitions that stifle the way they perform, and which do not take into account who they are and what they are experiencing. Like robots, they are expected to apply a program of good education whose virtues are considered to be universal. However, to expect laid-back parents to be firm and intransigent, or authoritarian parents to engage a child in the decisions that are made, amounts to denying a part of their personality. To expect parents to distance themselves from what they are naturally consists of putting them in an untenable position, one doomed to fail, which will only further destabilize them in their role as parents.
This book proposes another approach to parenting and advocates a mindful and thoughtful education that starts with parents and frees them from all the more or less conscious pressure that weighs on them and hinders them in their work as teachers.