Nicolas Favez

The Art of Being Co-Parents How can parents best handle co-parenting? Publication date : April 1, 2020

Nicolas Favez is professor of clinical psychology at the Université de Genève and co-director of the Unité de recherche du Centre d’étude de la famille in Lausanne. The subject of co-parenting and relationships between parents has been his main field of interest and the focus of his clinical practice for more than twenty-five years. He is recognized internationally as an expert in this realm, both by practitioners and researchers. He has received a great deal of research funding for his studies, and has written many publications on the subject.
Today, an increasing number of mothers have a profession outside the home, and more fathers are actively involved in domestic life, all for the best.

At the same time, the make-up of families continues to change, and divorced, recomposed, adoptive, single-parent, or same-sex parents are also challenging the traditional assignment of roles.

To decide who does what vis-à-vis the children is thus not as automatic as it once was: parents must come to an agreement in function of their plans and their respective expectations, which implies negotiations and compromises with possible dissatisfaction and frustration…

In this context of upheaval and renewal, how can parents best arrange their lives? Following which criteria? And how can they continue to ensure the development and well-being of their children?