Aldo Naouri

The Child Above All Publication date : October 1, 2001

In today’s modern world, it is easy to blame our failures or shortcomings on fate, chance, bad luck, or a complex of circumstances that escape our understanding. However, when things are viewed differently, we cringe and deny our own guilt. When a child makes a mistake, a marriage fails, or violence occurs, we complain about it and then resign ourselves to it without investigating what we ourselves can do. Modern society seems to force us either to accept things as they are, or get out.
Children, on the other hand, refuse to accept this fatality that we impose on life and them. Through the words, actions, and behavior of children, we realize that our responsibility to ourselves and to society is real, and that we have at our disposal means by which to understand it as well as to take action.
A lively, alert, complex, and unexpected work.

Aldo Naouri is a pediatrician. He has previously published with Odile Jacob Réponses de pédiatre, Le Couple et l’enfant, and Les Filles et leurs mères.