Jeanne Siaud-Facchin

The Child with Learning Difficulties Publication date : March 9, 2006

What is learning? What is success? We try to be supportive of our children, yet don’t we hold beliefs about learning and success that are false, poorly adapted and sometimes the source of psychological blocks?
When should parents start worrying? What can they do and say? When should a specialist be consulted? Adopting a practical, psychological approach, Jeanne Siaud-Facchin tells parents what attitude to take, how to speak to their child, and how to develop a programme adapted to their child’s needs that will put him or her on the path of academic and personal success.
The author outlines a global approach to help parents understand the origin of their child’s learning difficulties: insufficient motivation, attention or concentration deficit, poor memory, as well as lack of self-confidence.
Academic failure has widespread repercussions on children’s personality and development. It has become a major issue for parents: academic failure accounts for 80% of all consultations with a child psychotherapist.
In writing this book, the author has drawn on her extensive experience as the founder of a centre in Marseilles which every year treats 2,000 children with learning difficulties.
Jeanne Siaud-Facchin is a clinical psychologist and the founder of Marseilles’ Cogito’Z, the first centre in France specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of learning difficulties. She is the author of L’Enfant surdoué (2002).