Brigitte Thévenot, Aldo Naouri

Children’s Questions Publication date : September 1, 1999

By the end of 1999, some 500 million children will be between one day and three years old. Each one is entirely his own individual. Here, we’re not interested in the man he will become, but for himself, as he is at that age, from the first days of his existence and even from when he is still inside his mother’s womb.

Development between birth and three years is divided into six stages (birth, being fed, being carried, being washed, playing, talking), the keys to the good development of a small child. Brigitte Thévenot and Aldo Naouri have interviewed the best specialists to paint a complete and particularly accessible picture of what is known and what is done today.

Brigitte Thévenot is a producer and director of contemporary films. Aldo Naouri is a pediatrician, and the author of Les Filles et leurs mères, which was a tremendous best-seller.