Jean-Philippe Lachaux

Concentrate, And Your Brain Will Work For You Publication date : November 2, 2016

Jean-Philippe Lachaux is a cognitive neuroscientist. He runs the Cognition and Cerebral Dynamics unit at the National Scientific Research Institute (INSERM), in Lyon. He is the author of Cerveau attentive (“Attentive Brain”, 10,000 copies) and Cerveau funambule (“Tightrope-Walking Brain”, 10,000 copies) both of which enjoyed great success.

•How can we help children learn to concentrate? How can we get them to understand that it’s not a punishment, instead, it will allow them to learn better and faster – leaving them more time to do what they please? How can you explain that by taming their energy, and focusing their attention, everything becomes easier, quicker and more fun?
•That was Jean-Philippe Lachaux’s mission in creating this comic book in which he explains to young people, in a simple, accessible and entertaining way, what is going on inside their heads and how to focus their attention better – not just at school, but for all sorts of other activities, too!