Aldo Naouri

The Couple and the Child Publication date : August 31, 2005

“The birth of a child automatically makes a woman a mother and a man a father. The couple is no longer just a couple. In fact, it will have to muster a certain amount of art and a good dose of energy to continue existing as a couple. The effort deserves to be sustained, however, since the child’s future and the future of each protagonist depends on the couple’s survival — i.e. on the survival of the family unit as a whole,” writes Aldo Naouri.

“A devoted paediatrician for over thirty years, Aldo Naouri makes an impassioned plea for parenthood as a shared adventure between both parents, while allowing each one to exercise clearly distinct roles, so as to make their infant a man or a woman.” Le Figaro

Aldo Naouri is a paediatrician specialising in intra-family relations. He is the author, or co-author, of the following books published by Editions Odile Jacob: Les Mères juives n’existent pas (with Sylvie Angel and Philippe Gutton), 2005; Les Pères et les Mères, 2004, paperback edition to be published in October 2005; Réponses de pédiatre, 2000, paperback edition, 2004; Questions d’enfants (with Brigitte Thévenot), 1999, paperback edition, 2001; Parier sur l’enfant, paperback edition, 2001; Les Filles et leurs mères, 1998, paperback edition, 2000; and Le Couple et l’Enfant, 1995, paperback edition, 2005.