Didier Pleux

Develop Your Child’s Self-Control Helping parents to establish limits, and helping children to accept them Publication date : October 26, 2016

Since the 1970s, raising children has become synonymous with love, independence, stimulation, protection, communication and creativity for the child. And that’s a wonderful evolution!
But there is a downside, too. “Frustration”, or learning to accept limits and rules, seems to be fading from children’s daily lives at home. We have gone from pre-1968’s “frustration with a bit of love” to “way too much love with a bit of frustration.” Yet it is preferable to balance any human being’s – and especially a child’s – reasonable goal of pleasure with a reality check. This adaptation to reality is called “self-control.” It is not innate, but it can be learned!
Helping parents to develop their children and infants’ self control is the purpose of this book. 

Based on everyday situations (bedtime, at the table, playing with others, at school, etc.), illustrated and arranged by age, Didier Pleux explains to parents how to help their children control their own expectations.