Marie Rose Moro, Jean-Louis Brison

For the Well-Being and Health of Young People Publication date : May 9, 2019

Marie Rose Moro is professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of Paris – Descartes, and chief of staff at the Maison de Solenn, an adolescent facility at the Hôpital Cochin (AP-HP).
Jean-Louis Brison is inspector of schools and regional pedagogical inspector.

From this point of view, adolescence, until the beginning of adulthood, is prioritized in many respects. Indeed, all the work on this age group, for around fifty years, has revealed the vulnerability of young people in this period of their lives when choices are made, and teens go in directions that structure the foundation of their lives. And school has a crucial role to play in this.

In this book, Marie Rose Moro and Jean-Louis Brison explain how school, a prime place for the expression of ill-being, anxiety, aggressiveness, or, more mundanely, the boredom of young people, can in the future become schools of well-being, by putting into place the best conditions for learning, but also can become places for the individual fulfillment of students.

Those two elements are, moreover, inseparable: to be happy in middle school, high school, or at university, to want and be able to learn, are expressions of the same love of life!