Goéry Delacôte

Learning to Learn New Methods Publication date : February 1, 1996

Are we at a turning point in our learning methods ?The newest technologies offer interactivity possibilities and exchanges of information through the multimedia. The latest results in cognitive psychology and neurobiology completely modify the definitions of knowledge and memory. But will we know how to redistribute education between school, home, work and leisure? Will we know how to redistribute the time devoted to education throughout out our whole lives? Will we know how to invent a new culture of learning, or how to share these new riches socially, so as to avoid the exclusion of the people who will not have access to these tools, this knowledge and this culture?Goéry Delacôte who, since 1990, heads of the biggest scientific museum in the world, the San Francisco Exploratorium, and has been one of the major contributors to the American educational reform, offers the most up-to-date answers to these questions.