Michèle Temam

Memorizing without Memorization Publication date : October 7, 2020

Michèle Temam is a radiologist, pianist, and educational coach. For more than thirty years, she has assisted many young people with their studies, with spectacular results.
Too often, both young and older students lack a method for learning, which leads to a loss of time, procrastination, and anxiety at not succeeding… Inspired by coaching her four daughters, all of whom have all done brilliantly in the lives, Michèle Temam shares her method for “learning how to learn,” to memorize, and to recall knowledge effectively.
Short and simple, this practical guide proposes a methodology that will enable the reader to attain what is essential. It is based on contributions from the neurosciences and on a correct use of memory circuits. In reading the guide, the student will discover that his or her brain is equipped for memorization, the student puts into practice the various techniques proposed –network playback, “metro ticket,” mental drawers, multiple choice questions… -- and acquires a method for learning.
This practical guide is intended for students, for parents wishing to help their children in their schoolwork, for adults who are going back to school, and for anyone who needs to learn the contents of a document within the context of a presentation.