Aldo Naouri

Mothers and Fathers Publication date : October 13, 2005

“Mothers and fathers are now on trial. Although they are accused of every failure (they are often the first to heap guilt on themselves), they continue to strive to fulfil their parental role as best they can. In any case, they have no other choice, since they are aware that the younger generations hold them responsible and will call them to account. They believe they can wipe out their feelings of guilt by placing themselves at their children’s beck and call. The results are, at best, paradoxical, affecting relations between the parents and frequently turning the children into domestic tyrants — a situation which the parents often complain about to the medical profession.
“Because our society has lost its landmarks, it is now urgent and necessary to restore our basic values.
“The issues here are the father, the mother and the child. I hope that my humble contribution has furthered our understanding of a trio that is the very essence of life,” writes Aldo Naouri.

“Aldo Naouri is conscious of the weight of his words, and he uses them as so many uppercuts to rouse awareness. An invitation to thought.” Elle magazine

Aldo Naouri is a paediatrician specialising in family relations. He is the author or co-author of the following books, published by Editions Odile Jacob: Les Mères juives n’existent pas, with Sylvie Angel and Philippe Gutton, 2005; Les Pères et les Mères, 2004; Réponses de pédiatre, 2000, paperback edition, 2004; Questions d’enfants, with Brigitte Thévenot, 1999, paperback edition, 2001; Parier sur l’enfant, paperback edition, 2001; Les Filles et leurs mères, 1998, paperback edition, 2000; and Le Couple et l’enfant, 1995, paperback edition, 2005.