Philippe Brenot

The Newspaper's Arthur and Chloé Sex and love explained with the teenagers Publication date : September 9, 2004

Secrets d’Amour is a novel of initiation to love, addressed exclusively to ten to thirteen-year-olds. A sort of modern-day "sentimental education", it provides answers to questions that are often asked by pre-adolescents, such as: What is it like to fall in love? What is a French kiss? What is making love? Why are boys and girls so different?
This short novel is presented in the form of letters between Arthur and Chloé, two eighth-graders who have been in love since the first time they met. Confiding in each other in a secret exercise book, they discover life and love as they examine their differences and similarities, their doubts and anxieties, the first stirrings of passion, and their ideas about love and sex.
At the end of the book, Dr. Philippe Brenot addresses some of the questions that pre-teens most frequently ask.
The book’s 45 letter-chapters, each only one or two pages long, present a wide range of intimate issues in a simple manner that is highly accessible to pre-teens.
Philippe Brenot is a psychiatrist and couple therapist. He the author of many books on the body and sexuality, notably L’Education sexuelle (Presses Universitaires de France, 1994), Inventer le couple (Editions Odile Jacob, 2000) and Le Sexe et l’Amour (Editions Odile Jacob, 2001).